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Observations #2
May 2000

Local 239 and Ramblings

A couple months back we held our annual state of the business meeting and he was nowhere to be found. Whoever heard of a meeting this large without the President or Chairman being there to say something, anything? We're looking all around wondering where he was, waiting in anticipation. With the plant losing a shift we hoped he'd be able to shed a little light on a bleak situation. Imagine our disappointment and confusion when they showed a video of the Detroit Auto Show in a slot that last year was allotted to him. Everyone had that, "what the?" look. Was he not invited or a no show? Remember last year he got a standing ovation? A lot has happened since then and a standing ovation this year was questionable, we'll never know.

Recently our plant manager joined other truck executives in a meeting with the Governor and state officials at the Governor's Mansion in Annapolis. Can you guess who wasn't invited? That's right, sorry Charley. What are we to make of that? Shouldn't the UAW have been there? Could it be those in attendance know they can get or already have whatever they want from this local? Didn't he say he would eat whatever they put on his plate? Doesn't that mean we have to eat it too? Do we seriously want to eat any more of what they're feeding him? Questions, questions, questions...

Ratification vote? They want us to ratify the Allison agreement, May 21, 2000 from 10:00AM to 12:00PM, (If you don't vote it doesn't count) we have that right should we decide to transfer there if or when they close this plant. I personally don't want to go there; especially since they want the Living Agreement that we have here. If not you, there must be somebody you know that's been shafted because of this contract. They don't even have a contract at Allison yet and I know a few people that have been screwed, not counting the ones getting screwed because of appointments. I may not be going to Allison, but I will vote.

I went to the Arlington presentation last week to put feelers out for a possible transfer. I asked their Chairman if Arlington had a Living Agreement and you could tell it was an insult the way he shot back, "We don't have a Living Agreement Contract!" Then he takes a shot at our union when he said, "We have union meetings once a month and an open door policy for you to air your concerns." Wow, meetings once a month? Not for this local. An open door policy? Yea right, I don't think so, not here. Hell, I've been here ten years, I wouldn't know our Chairman if I ran into him and Alfred looks right through you like you don't exist. Their arrogance says stay away and don't bother knocking thank you very much.

What we have here is a failure to communicate and the problem is with the union. We pay dues for once a month meetings and that is what we should have, now more than ever, regardless of attendance. Whose union is this anyway? So much has happened since our last meeting and so many questions. It's as if they're hopping we forget by the next quarterly meeting, not. Man I wish we had a real union so we wouldn't have to think about this crap.

Sincerely, a Disgruntled Member

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