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Observations #6
December 2000

Elections and Hijacked

Our Good Old Boys are on the defense, our even President nominated one of his own boys for Recording Secretary, and I don't think I have to tell you who. I think they're worried their little world is falling apart. Great, lets keep them worrying by showing them that we know how to stick together too. We have another opportunity December 20, 2000 to demonstrate what real solidarity is all about. Let's not waste it.

They are still manipulating and controlling the meetings. At our December 10th meeting there was no Chairperson's report or President's report. They rushed right into the nominations and the swearing in of Ms. Parrott as Vice President, and then closed the meeting, ignoring hands that were raised. It was as if they were afraid someone might ask a few questions that I think are on a lot of members minds. Like why is the Press quoting Charley Alfred and not our President? Is Alfred still involved in negotiating a new product for this plant? If so, why? Is Alfred still calling the shots in this local? If so, why? Why is Alfred hanging around our meetings like an ex-lover who won't take the hint and find another life? His presence upstages our Presidents authority and casts a cloud over the proceedings. He needs to be put on notice to stay out of the affairs of this local.

Our President also made a point that he will not tolerate letters like this. It seems someone wrote a bogus letter and made it look like mine. Their letter criticized the union and our Vice President. I have done neither in my letters. Our Vice President hasn't been in office long enough to criticize. I think we can guess who put out the bogus letter; it proves they're running scared. I'm proud to be a member of the UAW; it's the leadership that I'm ashamed of, both locally and Internationally. Read the other side of this letter and you'll see that we have the right under a Federal Law (LMRDA) to criticize union policies and officers. We also have the right to write and distribute leaflets and newsletters. I will continue to do so as long as we have self-serving officials. This union belongs to the membership of Local 239, not our officials. Vote to take back your union!

Burks Big Lie

If you recall, last February 2000, I called Don Burks (appointed shop Chairperson at Allison) to inquire about applying to Allison Transmissions. When I told him I was a Document 28 employee, he said, "Oh, you're the ones with the kiss of death." Well Mr. Burks, now you’re a Document 28 employee, although it's unfortunate you're next door and not 300 miles or more from home like most of us.

The December 5th edition of the Baltimore Sun quoted Mr. Burks as saying, "Everyone is treated the same." Burks went on to say, "There is no favoritism here." Mr. Burks, do you have a memory problem? You can lie to the Press all you want, but those of us in the Baltimore assembly plant and at Allison Transmissions know better. Sure, there may not be favoritism now, but the very foundation of the Allison plant was built on nepotism and especially favoritism, including your own position.

If the membership of Allison is as wise to their self-serving officials as we in the assembly plant have become, then you Mr. Don "Kiss of Death" Burks and your clones will be history after your elections also. So if lying helps you sleep at night and makes you feel better about yourself, then go for it. Just remember this Mr. Burks, every time an Allison employee sees you or one of your appointees walking by, they resent and despise you, and will remember what you've done. You'll find out just how much when you hold your own elections. We, the membership at both plants, will have the last word.

Check out Websites

If local and especially International officials had their way, the membership would be kept in the dark when it comes to knowing their rights. Visit and explore these websites and become informed. Knowledge is power. http://hawk.addr.com/uawsc/index.htm (or) http://www.laborsmilitantvoice.com and of course the UAW Internationals own site at, http://www.uaw.org.

In Solidarity,
Doug Hanscom

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