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Observations #13
September 2001

I recently sent the following letter to the law firm of Schlachman, Belski & Weiner, they were hired by our Good Old Boys to represent us in workers comp cases in the event we are injured on the job. However, like everything else they're involved with, they've found a way to corrupt it in their quest to maintain their joint partnerships with the corporation, to the disadvantage of the membership.

To the firm of Schlachman, Belski & Weiner
September 1, 2001

Dear Mr. Weiner,

I am a member of UAW Local 239 at the Baltimore General Motors assembly plant, and I feel representatives of your firm are biased in their treatment of my workers compensation case.

When I first presented my case to Mr. Feldman and his legal assistant Ms. Organ at my Local Union Hall, they thought I had a good case, especially when I gave them a document from my plants medical department stating that a door fell off a stock bin, wrenching my right wrist and putting me out on sick leave for over two weeks. Two months later the same wrist flared up again, resulting in me going out on sick leave for another week. My wrist is still causing me problems almost a year later and will probably do so for the rest of my life.

Members of your staff recommended I see Dr. SOandSO. I did, and I found him to be an arrogant, self-absorbed pompous quack. He spoke at light speed into a recorder about my condition using words only another Doctor would understand, and he did this for what seamed like hours. Then he had the nerve to ask me if I understood what he had said. It was at that point I realized, this guys out to lunch and will be of no help.

So I wasn't at all surprised to receive a letter from Mr. Feldman's office stating that Dr. SOandSO does not provide a specific diagnosis of my problem, and he also failed to state that my employer, GM, caused my condition.

The letter further states that I have the option of speaking to Dr. SOandSO about obtaining a diagnosis and causation letter, at a cost of about $170.00 out of my pocket. Excuse me, but isn't that why my Union Officials hired your law firm, so your staff could do the legwork "and" bill the union? Something doesn't smell right.

I suspect your staff sent me to Dr SOandSO knowing full well he would not give me a diagnosis and causation letter, because he is part of the workers compensation charade I've been hearing about from coworkers the last few years. I will not speak to him, nor will I pay that quack, one red cent.

And that leaves the other option of obtaining a second opinion, that Mr. Feldman's letter also states would be "at my own expense and risk." Which is why the majority of comp cases are dropped, because of the time and expense involved in pursuing them ourselves, this is convenient for the corporation and misguided Union Officials.

Therefore, I am of the opinion that your staff is either working with and/or they are being influenced by my Union Officials, who in turn are blindly obedient to the UAW's International Officials, who in turn are perversely concerned with the corporation's bottom line, including, among other things, workers comp.

So, here's my dilemma. I cannot trust the corporation (GM) to look out for my well-being, hence, one of the many reasons unions were formed in the first place. I cannot trust my Union Officials, because as I've already stated, they are more concerned with the corporation's bottom line than they are with the health and well-being of the membership they were at one time obligated to represent.

And lastly, since I cannot trust my Union Officials, I cannot trust the Lawyers they hire, or the Doctors the Lawyers recommend. What a sham and shame. I should have listened to coworkers with past experiences who advised me to seek Lawyers outside our Union Officials influence when I first pursued my case, but I thought I'd give your staff the benefit of doubt. I wasted a year for not listening, but I learned a great deal about the system.

Mr. Weiner, I know I should have sent this letter of my intent to Mr. Feldman as he requested, but, since he works for your firm, I felt that you too should be aware of my dissatisfaction with the system my corrupt Union Officials made your firm a major player in. If not your firm, then it would have been someone else's.

So don't get me wrong; I do not fault your staff or your firm. The fault lies entirely with the "UAW's International Officials" for not only corrupting the system, but my Local Union Officials as well. Damn them.

It is with great shame that I ask you to please advise Mr. Feldman, Ms. Organ and my local union's workers comp committee that I will seek Lawyers and Doctors who are outside my Union Officials influence. And I will also inform coworkers to do likewise until the corruption in our union is eradicated. Thank you.

Good Old Boys

I wonder if I would get the same treatment from our workers comp Lawyers if my last name were Alfred, Dorsey, Miller or Basilone? Or if I were a Good Old Boy like Fred Swanner and Danny Jachelski, who incidentally should be back on the line after losing not only one, but two high profile elections? Or if I sucked up to our Good Old Boys like Darren Petty and Steve Sanzone? Or Eric Dolata and Kevin Pack, who rode their father's coattails into appointed positions?

I'm sorry, I forgot that these people don't need workers comp Lawyers, because not one of them have a real working job like you and I do. Although, I have a feeling most of them will retire or need comp Lawyers about this time next year.

Our Good Old Boys corruption of workers comp is another issue for us to add to the long list of issues to remember when election time comes around in June. Their continued abuse of nepotism and favoritism in their appointments for facilitators and their selections for the education program is the only reason I need to send them packing. I look forward to this election like no other, because a major shake-up of our union's leadership and all their appointments is inevitable, big time.

In Solidarity,
Doug Hanscom

Fact or Fiction?

When I wrote, "Bonuses from $olidarity House" in April, it was originally intended to be humorous, but after reading it a few times, I found it to be a little unsettling and I asked myself, is it really that far from the truth? I sent it out nationwide and a member of the new UAW Solidarity Coalition agreed and posted it on his website, giving it an unofficial UAW letterhead. Check it out and explore the website at; http://uawlocal594.com/humor/sodhouse/sod01.htm


To all Local Presidents of the UAW,

As you know, "Living Agreements" have replaced contracts for many of you, thus allowing you to negotiate petty differences and misunderstandings on an ongoing basis as they occur, thereby eliminating all the unnecessary bickering and the threat of strikes.

These Agreements have become so popular, we've decided to take them to the next step and make them "Non-Expiring," and we've devised a program to implement non-expiring Living Agreements nationwide. We're sure this program will be as exciting for you as it is for us.

Therefore we, the Magnificent Seven of $olidarity House are both proud and pleased to announce that we have a special bonus program for all local presidents who meet the following requirements. This program begins immediately, and expires no later than midnight, September 14, 2002.

We are offering a bonus of $75,000 to the first local president to ratify a non-expiring Living Agreement. And $50,000 bonuses go to the second, third, forth and fifth local presidents to ratify non-expiring Living Agreements.

Also a bonus of $25,000 will be awarded to all remaining presidents to ratify non-expiring Living Agreements before the deadline. If any of you are fortunate enough to generate a petition within 24 months from the date of ratification of said Agreement, you'll receive an extra bonus of $25,000. We love it when the membership wastes their time on petitions.

Our goal is to have non-expiring Living Agreements throughout all locals nationwide by the end of this decade. Although we encourage all of you to ratify non-expiring Living Agreements before the expiration date of this program, because we can't guarantee we'll be offering this same lucrative bonus program in the future. If however, you fail to ratify said Living Agreement by the end of this decade, your future, as well as the future of your membership will be in doubt. Need we say more?

So, the sooner you ratify a non-expiring Living Agreement in your local the more financially rewarding it will be for you. Once we have non-expiring Local Living Agreements nationwide, we, the Magnificent Seven of $olidarity House, will receive our bonuses from the corporations when we provide them with a non-expiring "National" Living Agreement.

All bonuses will be paid in cash and of course we will deny any knowledge of the bonus program. Should the membership get wind of this program or a copy of this letter, we'll blame it on them damn bleeding heart activist that, like roaches, seem to be everywhere lately, and they're always lying about something.

For the hell of it, we'll throw in an extra bonus of $5,000 for every activist you discourage from infecting other members with their freethinking ways. You may use any means necessary as long as the Feds aren't involved.

Best of luck to all of you and may the most creative presidents reap the most rewards.

Fraternally, the Magnificent Seven of $olidarity House

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